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An attribute of having faith as a christain or a child of God Almight.
Hebrews, chapter 11. Now faith is the substance of things hope for,And the evidence of things unseen.
by Firepower September 06, 2005
21 11
The most amazing and perfect girl that any guy could ask for, she would do anything for you and you would do anything for her because of how beautiful she is inside and out <3
Guy1: have you seen hope?
Guy2: who's that?
Guy1: oh there she is that one over there.
Guy2: Wow. ;)
by Fullemon July 06, 2012
10 1
Hope is a Hott, sexy, gorgeous & cute girl all in one package. Hope's are usually flexible and are usually athletic. Hope is a sex goddess.. Hope's always have the prettiest eyes and the biggest butts. If you ever meet a Hope, don't let her go!
Jaden; omg! That Hope is so amazing!

Billy; I KNOW!
by Taylor Lamb January 08, 2012
9 2
An underused but beautiful name. Hope's are always sexy and will drive you crazy with her seduction. Hope's are hysterical, get hurt a lot, and are amazing dancers. Hope's are either sweet or slutty, or a blessed combination of the few. Hope's are the best friends you can have and are almost always fantastic in bed.
Hope is driving me crazy, but i still love her.
by newtown411 June 06, 2011
8 2
something that might help someone keep going, but just makes failure feel a lot worse if it happens.
it was hope that let him keep trying to make things work out with the girl, but it was also what made him feel like shit when things didn't.
by fencingbandodewman13 August 08, 2010
7 1
to wish and awant of something good
I hope youll love me
by wpgirl December 06, 2008
11 5
Since I am the real Hope, I'll tell you who Hope really is. Not scared to say anything I'm about to say because I'm real, confident & the following is all true. Beautiful, inside & out. When it comes down to friends, it's not about right & wrong anymore, it's the selfless acts that I've taken to help you get you where you got to go. Right or wrong. Always down for a good time, shameless, fearless, always waiting for a new challenge. Spontaneous-what's next? As much as I love being someone that attracts a great deal of attention, It's humbling to know you're no one in this world of billions. Not shallow, you would be surprised & even ask why? Because there is more to me than meets the eye & that be true to you & everyone else. You only know who you are today, not tomorrow.
Hope: When I feel we are kindred spirits, it doesn't even cross my mind the lengths I'd go to be there for you.
by HopeyBopey January 14, 2013
7 2