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The devil himself.
Child of Jesse James.
Bad Child.
Man, That guys is almost as bad as Jaden.
by Youwishyouknew621478 April 07, 2008
An amazing, stunning, gorgeous, beautiful, cute girl with a heart of pure gold. She's selfless, but isn't afraid to show her true feelings when angered. She's always there for people, regardless of the situation. Jaden loves people unconditionally. She may not be as innocent as she seems. If you've fallen madly in love with someone, she may be a Jaden. She has an interest in video games and in music.
Person 1: I fell in love with the most amazing girl in the world.
Person 2: Oh yeah? What's her name?
Person 1: Jaden.
by SGAWN March 25, 2013
The best guy you'll ever meet in your entire life. he's nice, he's sweet, caring, selfless, amazing, and just a great guy in general. he's definitely an athlete, with a good attitude. never, will he upset you, and never will he piss you off. he's a really attractive guy, and every girl wants him. if you have a jaden, make sure you take care of him well, he's a keeper. Jaden has the best personality, and always accepts you for who you are. he has a great sense of humor, and style as well! girls, make sure you don't let this great offer pass by!
girl 1: hey look, jaden.

girl 2: how do you know that guy is a Jaden?
girl 1: his looks, his smile, everything about him <3
by Anon(: June 30, 2013
Hottest bitch alive, flawless, amazing, kind. 2. Has big hair and reminds people of apple juice. 3. Girl that every guy/girl wants.
I love Jaden!
by Sceney12345 October 25, 2008
the best guy in the world all girls want to ride him he is so, awesome in all things known to man ,cooler than chuck norris hes ,cooler than bruce lee as well. gangsta ass moherfucker. he gives the best sex to all woman{ exept ugly ass ones} and he also has an 19 inch cock.
girl: i went on a date with jaden and we had the best sex known to man!! hes way better than chuck norris and bruce lee and hes so sexy and adorable.
girl2: wow really!!! he must be awesome!!!
by medic monkey September 20, 2010
Jaden is the nicest, most caring, and loving person in the world. He loves animals (especially puppies) and enjoys video games and spending time with friends. He might not be the most handsome person but when you need a hug he is there.
Person 1: My grandma just died.
Jaden: You need a hug.
by sirquacksalot March 03, 2014
Original auther of theSTORY and theBEAR. Old school lame azz quaker who still goes around trying to find servers for quake 1 games in post 2000 America. His capacity for sickness is unparalleled.
Jaden wrote theSTORY, that is one sick mofo.
by stinky wizzleteeth May 19, 2004