In Christian belief, one of the three Theological Virtues(Faith, Hope, and Love) bestowed by God's grace upon the believer.
And now these remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love. - 1 Corinthians 13:13
by Theologist May 02, 2005
A beautiful name given to girls both intelligent and humorous. They're perfect on the inside, and have unique facial features. They love to be the center of attention but don't easily show it. Hopes often sport a dry sense of humor that sometimes goes unnoticed. She is the ultimate friend, but is sometimes too pessimistic, due to a low self esteem. Hopes draw people they don't like away, but retains those closest to her for life. She attracts nerds with a similar sense of humor. She loves to please others, and rarely does a selfish deed. You absolutely must befriend a Hope.
Jodie: Did you hear what Hope said in class?
Brenda: She TALKS???

Joe: Hope is awesome, but she worries me sometimes.
#beautiful #smart #witty #shy #special
by HopeLover October 19, 2011
theres only one hope and shes pretty damn amazing<3
hope your boobs are smaller then mine.
#hope #park #friend #umm #slow #walk
by hopesfriend March 17, 2009

When all is lost. You have lost everything. You are down and depressed and buried under ground mentally. The word that keeps you going "HOPE". Always hope for better things. Many people have told me hope can drive you insane...they can think what they want. I have found if you stay strong inside, you can get through anything.
A perfect example would be The Shawshank Redemption. Throughout, Red says Hope is terrible. It can make you insane. But Andy shows him in the end, as he escapes even though he has been through hell. He had hope in his heart during the darkest of times.

"Remember, HOPE is a good thing. Maybe the best of things. And no good thing ever dies"
by Dappa34 August 03, 2005
the coolest bitch around,the maddest bitch ever,the one who has a cool hair straightener,
the one who gives hanging hugs, the one who runs away from a high five and sprints back for another, the bestest buddie alive,the listener,the rebel who thinks of the funniest shit,the one id walk 1 thousands miles for,the one id jump infront of a bullet for,the one who changes her hair colour like everyday, the one who likes polishing floors and the one who is page 7 something in the dictionary :) lmaoo
#hope #epoh #pohe #opeh #peho
by sr95 May 12, 2009
A name for a beautiful lady. Outgoing, sweet, and always seems to make you smile. Anyone with this name will probably be the nicest person you'll ever meet.
I was feeling down one day when Hope called me, then the rest of the day flew by with a smile on my face.
#best #cool #nice #sweet #awesome
by ezJAY November 06, 2011
a hope is about the best friend you can have. they always have a sweet ass and can kick your butt anytime you mess with them. they are love struck but beautiful. big boobs come naturally. (wanna peek??)
#smile #laugh #happy #silly #excited
by k-mo! February 19, 2009
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