The coolest girl you'll ever meet. She's smart, beautiful, nice, and always funny. She's also the best friend you'll ever have and will stay with you forever. She knows how to party and have fun. Not only is she beautiful but Hopes are always hot. Don't mess with her because she knows how to throw a comeback. When you meet a Hope, hold onto her forever because she's a rare treasure.
Do you remember Hope from the party last Wednesday?
Yeah, how could I forget her?
by ballislife2 August 10, 2011
the most beautiful name. an extremly beautiful person. inside and out. with a Goddess boddy. not one to be messed with. HOPE.and extremly gorgeous.not always the smartest one.
by babbygotback July 28, 2010
a beautiful friend who will stand by you through everything and someone you can always rely on. beautiful on the inside and out with a very funny and warm personality. quite a small person with a huge heart, big eyes and pretty features. can make you laugh at any time and does the most random and spazzy things that will just put a big smile on your face. extremely spontaneous and likes to make people happy. shes the girl all the guys want, she makes them fall over as they get distracted by her beauty, all the girls want to be her and wish she was their friend. she can have any guy she wants
boy: woah look at that hope, oh how i wish she was mine,.
girl: shamee,, i want her too, shes so gorgeous shes turned me lesbo
boy: im suprised shes not turned the whole population of girls lesbo, i mean look at her shes a stunner
by felinefelicity November 21, 2010
Hope is an amazing name that only really super-uber lucky people get. Hope is pretty with amazing skin and hair and eyes and a mouth that is the bomb diggety. Hopes pretty cool c:
"Have you talked to Hope lately"
"Why no i have not! I bet everything she has to say is interesting and im being a complete boob by not talking to her!"
"Yeah, you are..."
by SilverEcstasy October 10, 2011
Hope is the only thing you need to stand against any of life's challenges. People with hope can endure things beyond what those without can even imagine.
Real hope is not THINKING, but KNOWING things will get better somehow. Real hope is to know you can win against "impossible" odds. Real hope is the belief in the power of 0.00001%. Real hope is to know that not only do miracles happen, but even Deus Ex Machina can actually happen. Real hope is knowing that "impossible" is just another word for "difficult".
Things will get better. It's not over yet. There's still hope.
by Real Carl July 10, 2006
"Hope is the denial of reality. It is the carrot dangled before the draft horse to keep him plodding along in a vain attempt to reach it."
-Raistlin Majere
I hope I can pay this month's rent.
by shinjitsu June 01, 2005
It's an all powerfull force that will get you through the toughest times, a dangerous thing to loose
Hope is a Dangerouse thing to loose, if you dont have hope you dont have a chance.
by Nobody6 May 15, 2006
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