1. Something that has under 90 ft/lbs of torque.

2. Automobiles made in Japan, highly over-rated, have no styling, get good gas milage for one reason: Small engines. Honda's have been called reliable, but are really pieces of shit, they fall apart. Keep insisting that DOHC actually boosts efficiency, but actually it doesn't do shit.

3. Number one choice for ricers world-wide. Usually because they are cheap, and are seen in Fast and the Furious. Poser's and main-stream Whiggers buy this type of car.
1. Yeah my Techumseh lawn mower is hondaed.

2. Dude, I just had the weirdest dream: Honda changed the styling on the Civic!

3. Check out this poser in his Civic, that thing probably runs like 115 ft/lbs.
by Rice Hater August 08, 2005
motor corporation in which its engines are superior to almost any vehicle in its class, 2.2L 4cyl prelude produces more HP than a 3.8L V6 mustang,
by Dr. Fish July 06, 2003
prefered car of russian immigrants and asians
look at that honda on the street.
by ANONYMOUS =] April 01, 2006
Imported Car
A HON DUH is the last thing I see in my mirror when I pass you teeny boppers up in mu AWESOME RADICAL F-Bodied Camaro. :-)
by DUDE May 08, 2003
Manufacturer of extremely high performance motor vehicles such as the Fireblade (CBR1000) CBR600, Super Blackbird and the VTR1000.

With easy handling, modern styling and brutal power to rival or beat any other competing superbikes on the market. With a horsepower to weight ratio or nearly 1:1 it will completely disgrace most modern sports and production cars

Some examples. In Hp/Kg (Higher is better)

Honda Fireblade (1L i4)
=0.96 Hp/Kg

2005 Dodge Viper (8.3L V10)
= 0.323 Hp/Kg

2002 Ferrari Enzo (6l v12)
= 0.47 Hp/Kg

Your dad’s 2005 V8 Commodore thats SO fast (5.7l V8)

That’s right kids. Not only is it faster than a enzo and a viper by over 1s down the quarter mile. With such a small frontal area (Low Cd) It has a top speed to match too.
Kid: zomg my dads v8 is so fast no honda could ever keep up with it. v8s are the best!!!1!!1one!!1

Biker: That FBlade next to your daddy runs 10's... Allthough i have heard, Commodores, Correctly modified, With lots of traction ... Can run deep into the 14's! *Rolls eyes*
by squidward March 24, 2006
I drive a honda civic and guess what ill beat any other tuner or american car out there. you all say that honda has no power. Try my 2001 ex on for size. try 800 horses doin a low nine second quater mile. Oh and it is a street car with a to die for system and fully loaded
Nice honda
you care to race
321 go
Honda Wins
by Anarchy21 April 20, 2008
The Most popular and best looking cars to become ricers and the best cars ever made with V-tech Engines.
My Honda kicked your ass by a mile thanks my V-tech engine!
by HONDA MAN August 10, 2006
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