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adj. awe-inspiring and epic. So epic that one cannot help but not pay attention to that object, much like a stoplight.
1) That touchdown in the last ten seconds of the game was so stoplight that it made me want to become a quarterback!

2) The view at the top of the mountain was so stoplight that it took my breath away.
by rapperT June 17, 2013
A stoplight is spoken when talking to your wingmen about possible hook-ups for the night.
Green Light- The lady is very attractive, and you should not back down from this possible fling.
Yellow Light- This usually is said when the girl is a toss up. Usually she is turned into a green light after a few drinks. But the next morning you will probably regret it.
Red Light- STAY AWAY FROM THIS GIRL!!! She is ugly, std infested, or might have a boyfriend that is a UFC champion that gets jealous really easily.
Phil: Hey Mike. . what color of the Stoplight is the girl standing over by the bar?
Mike: I would say green light! She looks very sexy, and she has a twin!!
by Whitt43 March 29, 2008
Start Texting Or Phone light
No one can spend 20 seconds at a stop light without starting to text or phone someone...WTF
by lex112 May 01, 2012
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