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To engage in sexual acts in a parked car.
Brad was too cheap to spring for a hotel, so we went parking at Lover's Lane.
by Mystie March 27, 2005
The act of parking your car in a well hidden area and getting it on with the other person. Either in the backseat or passenger seat. Not intended for in a closed-off trunk.
They went parking behind the old factory last night.
by yeathatsright. February 09, 2010
Something you spend half your gas on.
Tom was frustrated by the lack of parking lots at his school and decided to drive his car through the dean's office.
by Melville_the_Millipede January 14, 2006
When a man places his erect phallus inside of a woman's vagina, and after insertion is complete neither party moves until the man removes his member. There is no set time limit for the act of parking.

This method of intercourse is considered not having sex by some young adults members of the LDS church, and therefore is viewed as a loophole in the "not sex before marriage" dogma of the Mormon faith. This notion can be argued as being either extremely naive or very clever, depending on your point of view.
LDS Youth 1: How'd your study date with Denise go last night?

LDS Youth 2: Great! We ended up parking at the end of the night!

LDS Youth 1: Wait. Isn't that sex?

LDS Youth 2: It isn't sex unless you move around and stuff, so we're still pure in the eyes of the Lord.

Non-LDS Youth: (after overhearing the conversation) Parking IS sex; you're justifying it to fit your beliefs.

LDS Youth 1&2: Be gone, non-believer!
by DJ EeeKay July 21, 2010
1)Someone who is extremely mediocre at golf.
1)George:"Well snap! I just got par for the 6, 382 time today!"

Bob: "You know George, you really are the Parking."
by Captain Tiddlywinks November 16, 2010
referring to a girls bottom
that girls got good parking or I would definitely like to park in that!
by Rossi79 April 20, 2015
The strip of grass between the street and sidewalk, not owned by the property owner. I believe the usage of this word is limited to large cities in the Midwest.
I mow the parking and edge it like it is mine.
by Alan Brennaman May 28, 2007
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