When you and your friends are driving around playing mailbox baseball and you and or one of your friends swings at the mailbox and hits it completely off the post.
Damn Brett that was a nice swing. I think you just hit a homerun!
by Jon W May 04, 2007
1) you're up to the fucking stage in ur relationship.
2)where u smoke a cone, hold ur breathe, then skull a shot, then skull a beer than breathe out.
1)its only a week and sally and me have already done a home run
2)man u should've seen nathan, he just did a home run. what a fucken legend.
by Omikronix August 03, 2008
to go all the way with
Last night I scored a home run with Lisa.
by Nick February 14, 2003
when one has a bowel movement and proceeds to wipe and there is no fecal matter on the toilet paper, thus finishing the activity with one wipe similar to a home run in baseball, scoring with one swing of the bat, similar to a ghost wipe.
I just dropped a fat deuce and it was a home run!
by NOR CAL NINJA March 07, 2006
When you do everything on one date.
You go to first, second, third and 4th base.
I hit a home run with her.
by Gujuunit February 21, 2005
A humorous addition to any sentence. First made appearance in Halo 3 2: Halo 4 The Movie (available at Newgrounds)
"I mean we're gonna HOME RUN for it!"

"Show yourself home run!"

"Sounds like a bunch of mumbo-jumbo to me, home run."

"Be well, be well... home... ruu..."
by Allen Johnson March 12, 2006
To "kick it" and/or fuck.
I'm not going to score a home run with Liv, but I hope to make it to third with my friend Brandon getting an RBI.
by Max Davenport October 19, 2004

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