Snort a line of blow, take bong rip, take a shot, chug a cup of beer, exhale, take a whippit, enjoy.
Geoffrey often relied on these when he could not find the necessary ingredients to his common smokable geoffrey. It is a strikeout with additives. Get home from work late and want to play catch up, just take a strike out, but if your friends are really partying, go for the homerun, then hit the bar.
by trickle November 16, 2013
when you pt them all together...(first, second and third base)
I hit that homerun right IN her park.
by corbinhend. April 19, 2012
Either to:
1. Fuck a girl while walking somewhere
2. Fuck a random girl on the way to her house
3. Fuck a girl so hard it takes an hour for the cum to leak back out
Johnny was giving Mary a homerun on the way back from the bar.
by Harry Toba February 03, 2014
A term in 'League of Legends' which is used as a word to describe a mini-game within the gamemode of 'ARAM'. The game is to buy the fastest items in the shop and try and make it to the enemy nexus before dying. People usually add their own spins to the game to make it more fun.
Let's play some homerun after this ARAM match!
by Dean Gray August 10, 2014
When you let you significant other touch you on you 'bases' then after they get caught not playing fair. They Strike out and you never she them again.
Man, I cannot believe she made a Home Run with my cousin and my friend.
After I let her touch my bases.
by The Other Trooth June 26, 2014
When a male masturbates with his laptop on his stomach and when at orgasm, ejaculates semen over the laptop screen.
I came so much I hit a home run!
by col_wake_N_bake February 07, 2015
When hitting a baseball into your girlfriend's asshole with a bat. Then crouch until she shits it out and then catch it in your mouth.
My girlfriend will do some crazy stuff, she'll even do a home run!
by OVER 9000 OVER 9000 September 26, 2010

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