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Fucking Gorgeous
Omg she is so forgeous!
by ForgeousChic101 February 16, 2011
What you rate on thee old "popularity chart". You can rage from 1- how many people there are in your school/ college/university/work, first (1) being the highest of coarse, last (the # of students in your education/work) being the lowest (where you don't wanna be in!)
Girl 1: Whats your Popularity Status?
Boy 1: 20, you?
Girl 1: Really?! Mines 14!
Girl 2: Mines only 27 *Sighh* :/ Oh well, at least it isnt as bad as her, she probably has 784
Boy 2: Yeah!!! XD
by ForgeousChic101 July 21, 2011
A word girls use while talking about how a bricks popularity status will go down hill to "Loner-ville".
Girl 1: Omg i HATE her!!! Shes such a Brick!
Girl 2: Tell me about it! And her little posse? Pff, please!
Girl 3: Couldn't agree more!!! Someday, there gonna Tumble Down to the Ground!!!
by ForgeousChic101 July 21, 2011
Referring to a posse of Bricks:

-One's on top (the leader)

-Two are in the middle (the best "friends" of the bitchy/demanding leader, who somehow like her and stay with her, probably due to their terrible reputations)
And one's on the bottom (the despret one who probably isn't a bitch at all, but sticks with them anyway so she doesn't look like a loner), who tries so hard not to tumble down with all that pressure she has lying on her shoulders
Girl 1: Eww. Look at that Tower of Bricks over there.
Girl 2: Yeah, looks like their gonna Tumble Down to the Ground any minute!!!
by ForgeousChic101 July 21, 2011
When guys, or girls, brag about getting a lucky home run, they ain't talking about baseball. They're usually referring to how they ran through the bases on a one night stand; First base, Second base, Third base, Fourth base, and yeah, that's right, Fifth base, baby! ;)
Guy 1: Dude, i just ran a Lucky Home Run: on the first date!
Guy 2: Sweeeet!!
by ForgeousChic101 July 23, 2011
If you called someone a "Brick", your basically calling her a fucking bitch, but your also referring to her as lazy, fat, ugly, and boring. Your also saying she has an unflattering figure, and that she can't step out of her comfort zone and is socially retarded.
Guy 1: Dude, that chic's such a brick!
Guy 2: Ikr? All she does is sit on her fat ass and play's C.O.D. all day and talks shit about other people.
by ForgeousChic101 July 21, 2011

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