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1) you're up to the fucking stage in ur relationship.
2)where u smoke a cone, hold ur breathe, then skull a shot, then skull a beer than breathe out.
1)its only a week and sally and me have already done a home run
2)man u should've seen nathan, he just did a home run. what a fucken legend.
by Omikronix August 03, 2008
to go all the way with
Last night I scored a home run with Lisa.
by Nick February 14, 2003
when one has a bowel movement and proceeds to wipe and there is no fecal matter on the toilet paper, thus finishing the activity with one wipe similar to a home run in baseball, scoring with one swing of the bat, similar to a ghost wipe.
I just dropped a fat deuce and it was a home run!
by NOR CAL NINJA March 07, 2006
When you do everything on one date.
You go to first, second, third and 4th base.
I hit a home run with her.
by Gujuunit February 21, 2005
A humorous addition to any sentence. First made appearance in Halo 3 2: Halo 4 The Movie (available at Newgrounds)
"I mean we're gonna HOME RUN for it!"

"Show yourself home run!"

"Sounds like a bunch of mumbo-jumbo to me, home run."

"Be well, be well... home... ruu..."
by Allen Johnson March 12, 2006
To "kick it" and/or fuck.
I'm not going to score a home run with Liv, but I hope to make it to third with my friend Brandon getting an RBI.
by Max Davenport October 19, 2004
To Letting Loose Of The Varsity Swim Team!
Hey Man, I let the Varsity Swim team out last night with Siela!
by xXBlazerXx January 01, 2004