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A group of Swag filled Hipsters is called a "Hibbard"
"Dude, look"
"Holy shit, a hibbard"
"Look, they're taking unnecessary photos of inanimate objects"
"Fuck me, Run"
by ConnMann June 03, 2014
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From the Gaelic: "High Bard" A bard is a Celtic Poet/Historian, a High Bard is a Master Class Bard.
The Hibbard played the harp and recited historic ballads at the Highland Games.
by Robert C. Hibbard October 23, 2003
The act of screwing over your best friend by commiting actions so heinous that its displays no self respect for yourself or loved ones.
That guy used to be the coolest guy around, then he pulled a Hibbard and no one will even talk to him, not even his wife and four kids.
by Maricopa September 08, 2011
A gay ass n00b that does not know shit.
Dark viper owns you hibbard
by IcY June 09, 2003

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