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1930's term for a person who smoked weed. So called for the hissing noise produced by the joint when smoked.
the viper dreamed about a reefer 10 feet long
by Alan June 04, 2004
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1. A venomous snake having a single pair of long, hollow venom conducting fangs and a thick, heavy body. There are about 200 species of viper in the world. They eat small animals and hunt by striking, then trailing their prey. Most are terrestrial, and a few are arboreal.

2. A person regarded as malicious and treacherous.

3. The most powerful production car made by Dodge. The Viper is a modern day American muscle car that began being sold in 1992 and still continues to this day. See Dodge Viper.
1. "If a viper lives in your room and you wish to have a peaceful sleep, you must first chase it out." — Buddha

2. Terra was a viper, always spreading malicious gossip and backstabbing her so-called friends.

3. The Dodge Viper was THE sports car of the 90's!
by OneBadAsp October 21, 2006
When urine comes out in two streams
"Man, what happened to your pants?"
"Dude, I had a viper"
"I had a little viper going"
by Bill G August 12, 2004
a term used in the '40s for a pot-dealer particulary associated with the social circles of jazz musicians.
Milton Mezzrow was a premier viper in the scene.
by guyincognito April 29, 2004
1. One of the fastest production cars built. Not too well-mannered, but the ultimate sports car nonetheless.

2. Oh, Old World snake with a thick, heavy body, and a pair of hollow fangs; adder.
"That guy's Viper is a real Corvette killer."
by tradesman April 01, 2003
The Dodge Viper is the most kick-ass car around. It totally owns the Corvette, no matter what anyone says.
"Although, the old Viper was cooler-looking; the current model isn't as luscious as the old one."
by Dave October 21, 2004
The Lockheed F-16 Fighting Falcon. Coined by early pilots likening it to the Colonial Viper on Battlestar Galactia.
The Viper took off from Gunsan Air Force Base in South Korea.
by Colin Ritter August 06, 2003
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