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16 definitions by IcY

To strike a person with the handle of a handgun, generally in the head.
I didn't want to shoot him, so I pistol whipped him instead.
by icy February 12, 2003
The cutest, funniest, kindest, nicest, and the most desirable guy in this world!
Jarin, you shouldn't look up funny words in this dictionary.
by Icy May 16, 2004
1. A term used in agreement with something when someone is too busy to respond.
2. Yes
Mom: Did you finish your homework?
Son: *reading comic book* uh huh...
by Icy January 29, 2004
I complete and utter moron
Your such a dead shit Gill!
by Icy October 21, 2003
Laughing My Ass Off And It Rolled To Austrailia
*something funny*

by icy November 10, 2004
Xtra Value Meal @ McDonalds
XVM McChicken Sandwich
by ICY September 18, 2003
the greatest place in the whole world ever. where both brass oranment power and freaky necklace power originated from. complete with own fridge of greatness and seating area. what more could you ask for from a kidney van. SHAK RULES!
"Hell yeah"

"watch power..."
by icy July 21, 2004