the reason so many people believe in GOD
Oh no I'm going to hell, I better start going to church, and giving the church half my pay, If I dont I'll go to hell!
by alexra December 05, 2007
see: school
........... ......... ............. ...........
every time im in school it feels like im in hell
by ....anonymous................. August 22, 2006
Smack-dab in the middle of Alabama.
Some people will tell you that Hell is "where every evil soul goes after the body dies. It is located in the middle of the Earth and populated by little red guys who poke you with sharp sticks. It is ruled over by Satan, Prince of Darkness, and is the homeplace of the worst torturers in existence." These people are lying. There is nowhere worse than Alabama.
by Squeed August 31, 2005
a place where we'll most likely all be going.
hell is for everyone! blacks, whites, men, women, criminals, ice cream men, natives, christians, mormons, adults, kids, buddhists, asians, frogs, everyone!
it's basically the only place that doesn't discriminate against color, gender or religion.
by girl369x February 02, 2008
1) A small town in Michigan that is about an hour's drive away from the MSU area. This town has two buildings. (As I said, SMALL.) The first is an "Ice Scream" store, which also sells t-shirts with slogans such as "Been through Hell" and various other souveniers. The other is a small post office, which will singe the edges of letters and postmark them from Hell. Popular place to send allomony checks from. Will also sell you a square inch of Hell for $6.66.

Due to Hell's location, it really does freeze over quite often.

2) A fictional place of torture during the afterlife. A place Unitarians don't believe in.

3) Any place you don't want to be.
1) So, I was walking through Hell yesterday and it was freezing, man. There was almost four inches of snow on the ground.

2)Oh noes! You stole that pen you found in the street?! You're going to Hell!

3) Oh, God. My mom's making us go to Hell. Something about a speech she's giving. All I know is we're spending 4 hours in some hot, sweaty auditorium.
by Maggalaggadingdong August 27, 2006
By far the most effective fear tactic created by an intelligent human being centuries ago used to control millions of people by taking the mystery of live and giving them insecurity of the unknown nature of death. There is no such place. People that claim they have had near death experiences to hell are lying.
The pastor mentioned hell quite often before passing the offering plate.
by John Mann March 13, 2005
The life we are living now.
Seriously, with over thousands of ways to die and suffer on Earth you shouldn't be surprised. At least in Hell you know you're dead so you can be as carefree as you want.
by Changler245 June 22, 2011
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