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By far the most effective fear tactic created by an intelligent human being centuries ago used to control millions of people by taking the mystery of live and giving them insecurity of the unknown nature of death. There is no such place. People that claim they have had near death experiences to hell are lying.
The pastor mentioned hell quite often before passing the offering plate.
by John Mann March 13, 2005
anything within 50 feet of a wal mart
i got lost and was forced to pull into the wal mart parking lot. i accidentally got too close to the doors though and i swear i almost didnt come back cuz of the satanic forces at work there...... it was hell on earth
by a unicorn August 27, 2010
A city in Michigan that freezes over every winter.
Bob:ya, when Hell freezes over
Mark:k, i can wait
by AlexMcDuffMiller September 27, 2005
a place in Norway near Trondheim, actually a rather nice place
Hell is nice this time of year, the fishing is good
by Quaaa May 05, 2005
a place christians use to guilt people into believing what they believe
Christian Guy: You know, if you dont believe in Jesus Our Savior, you're going to hell.

Other Guy: STFU!!!!
*breaks christian guy's face in with miniature cross*
by eastbaythunda July 29, 2008
1.The opposite of heaven
2.A nice little town in Michigan
1."If you continue to say things like that,you're gonna burn in hell for eternity."
2."Want to go to Hell for spring break?"
by crazyrawkergirl June 08, 2006
another name for the place most people call SCHOOL!!!
student: bye im off to hell
mother: ok see you at 3:00
by ooh look February 25, 2009