A nightclub in Providence, Rhode Island.
Are you going to Hell tonight?
by Mackla August 26, 2005
anything within 50 feet of a wal mart
i got lost and was forced to pull into the wal mart parking lot. i accidentally got too close to the doors though and i swear i almost didnt come back cuz of the satanic forces at work there...... it was hell on earth
by a unicorn August 27, 2010
the way auto-correct thinks hell is spelled
If there really is a he'll, auto-correct will be nearby.
by Emerson Crossjostle March 11, 2013
a place christians use to guilt people into believing what they believe
Christian Guy: You know, if you dont believe in Jesus Our Savior, you're going to hell.

Other Guy: STFU!!!!
*breaks christian guy's face in with miniature cross*
by eastbaythunda July 29, 2008
A city in Michigan that freezes over every winter.
Bob:ya, when Hell freezes over
Mark:k, i can wait
by AlexMcDuffMiller September 27, 2005
a place in Norway near Trondheim, actually a rather nice place
Hell is nice this time of year, the fishing is good
by Quaaa May 05, 2005
another name for the place most people call SCHOOL!!!
student: bye im off to hell
mother: ok see you at 3:00
by ooh look February 25, 2009

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