The place where in the UK I spend over 6 hours a day learning crap I already now and stuff that I will never use in real life.
School is the suckiest suck that ever sucked.
by Lewis H November 10, 2004
What froze over after the Red Sox one the World Series.
Boston won, and hell froze over.
by Yo Momma January 29, 2005
See instead High School.
"Middle School and High School are Hell. This hell is different for each person, of course, the length of time spent within is variable. Some emerge victorious, blossoming in college and beyond. Others emerge after a struggle, but are noticeably scarred. Others don't emerge at all, and carry their private hell with them to eternity.

Anyone who remembers these years as a positive, idyllic time is someone I cannot for the life of me relate to." --David E. Mitchell
by Killing Kittens October 03, 2005
word used at the start of a southerner's sentence.
Hell,I think those chickens are just trying to get eaten.
by Matt Wentzel January 20, 2008
If it exits, its where Fred Phelps and his supporters are spending eternity.l
Anyone who has a website that shows the number of days some poor murdered young man has been in hell, is obviously full of shit and truly evil, and if there is a hell he's going.
by Cam July 03, 2004
Where we are dining tonight.
Guy: "Hey guys, I forgot where we're dining tonight!"
King Leonidas: "TONIGHT WE DINE IN HELL!!!"
by Anonplussed March 06, 2008
a. Noun used to describe a place or a state of being that is undesirable, unliked and/or hated.
b. A place of eternal pain and torment in Christian belief.

Originally used as a synonym for the Hebrew word "Gehenna," meaning eternal destruction.
My life and apartment were a living hell.
by S. Lofer November 20, 2004

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