Town in Minnesota, Maine, Michigan, Norway and a bunch of other places where no civilized life exists.
"Go to hell!"

"Yay, road trip!"
by anonyomus November 25, 2005
when you are strapped to a chair while wearing an itchy sweater, while at the same time having a wedgie, and being forced to stare at tubgirl while listening to nsync for the rest of eternity. the one positive thing is being able to talk politics with george dubya while watching satan rip up his anus.
i was sure i was in hell because of all the lawyers who were around
by clevelandsteamer September 17, 2005
A special place reserved for rich people.
You rich people will never escape the flames of Hell.Never,ever,ever,ever,ever.....
by _Me_ August 30, 2005
A horrible place of darkness and misery. Frequently mentioned by former AC/DC lead singer Bonn Scott. Generally equated with extreme heat or pain. Classically described as being populated by tormented sinners and filled with fire and brimstone. Biblically described as a place designed by God for the unrepentant who rejected Christ. Most people use the word casually or in a context that implies that it is a real place.
Mark: What the Hell is going on in here!
Mickey: I stepped on a nail and it hurts like Hell.
Mark: It's as hot as Hell in here.
Mickey: You look like Hell.
Mark: Your funny as Hell.
Mickey: How about some AC/DC to help my pain.
Mark: Go to Hell.
by m1z_w1z_11 September 12, 2005
1) n. A place of eternal torture. See also:
math class, gym and visiting your in-laws

2) n. Place where all the interesting people go when they die.
I am so going to Hell for that joke.
by Kindra August 19, 2005
1. A place or state of being of pain and suffering, sometimes also called Earth.

2. A afterlife believed in by Christians to be the place were Non-Christians souls go after death to suffer eternally for not worshiping their god; regardless of whether one leads a virtuous life and is a good person. They tend to go into a great deal more detail about Hell then Heaven in their literature. Hell is often pictured as being populated by lost souls, demons and fallen angels, chief of which is Satan. Hell is often seen by Christians as a place of torment and fiery pits of wailing sinners isolated from their god’s love.

(The word is taken from the Norse Goddess Hel even though it has nothing to do with the Christian version of Hell.)

3. Hell is also a mild cuss word.
1. I feel like hell this morning.

3. According to Christians I am going to Hell when I die because I am an Ex-Christian.

3. What in the hell are you doing?
by OneBadAsp October 26, 2006
Sartre says "hell is other people" what he neglected to notice is that the lowest level of hell is working for other people.
Hell is working for a wanker
by DJrumination January 17, 2007
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