someone you despise. most cake eaters are hawks.
emilio estevez was a hawk
by jonmackeytellem February 23, 2008
The mascot of a school in Hanover County, Virginia. The hawks fans, while loyal and loud, are not very smart and do not know a lot about football. The Hawks have yet to have a winning season and yet many fans seem to think they are much, much better than they are in reality.
The Hawks wish they were as good as the Raiders.
by Drew Ellsbury October 29, 2007
someone who is a creeper and is always looking at you in an awkward fashion.
Kasey: Wow, Paul is a such a hawk, look at him! He's staring right at you!

Amanda: No he isn't
*turns around and Paul is right there*
Amanda: Woah, get away from me you hawk!
by Ms.Fancypants March 13, 2011
a crazy person
1. My teacher is a hawk. She should be put in an asylum.

2. We were walking in Chicago when we were chased by a hawk with a beer bottle and a kife.
by birdsofprey May 01, 2009
A state where another party maintains possession of something, but does not have full ownership of it, and must gaurontee that it can be sold back to the original owner for a fixed amount.

Usually when you offer something (jewelry, property, etc) up for collateral, it is in "hawk". Possessor can be a bank, a pawn shop, an impound lot, etc; but is usually limited to legal matters.

You can get the item "out of hawk" by paying the money back, or filling the contract out.
"You can hawk any property in monopoly for half what you paid for it"

"I need 50$ to get boardwalk out of hawk"

"I hawked my wedding ring to the pawn shop for 200$"
by philihp September 07, 2004
A nationalist, a war supporter.
The hawks in Wahsington were pushing for war before 9/11.
by Alan May 14, 2004
To scope out or look for females.
Yo B, lets hawk some chickens
by Grand Master B June 14, 2003

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