An intimidating creature. Often will have small eyes and a large nose resembling a beak.
You know that Hawk that goes to our school?" "Yes, she's really scary.
by Bittersweet200 August 10, 2010
A male version of the "Cougar".
A fine ass Older man who preys on younger woman.
"George Clooney is suck a Hawk"
by lucy727 February 04, 2008
hacks, with a little bitch of accent here, and a little bit of accent there.
|KIA|Affy: omg i suck
|F3aR|n00b: download sum hawks
Mike: WTF L4
by bLiTz07 November 19, 2007
to catch up in a race or competition, to catch someone who is running away from you
Im bout to hawk ya ass.
by Pierre & Nick April 11, 2008
The transactional phase of taking out a loan on something you may or may not care for by way of a pawn broker.
"I just CAN'T hawk my turntables again G. I won't"
by wayne ulmer February 21, 2008
An abbreviated version of "mohawk", the hairstyle where hair is (usually) shaved off all except for a thin line down the middle. The hair left is grown long while the rest is kept shaved. The hair is usually worn spiked up. This is very popular with the punk scene. Variations, particularly for females is to cut the hair on the side short but not shaved.
"Man, that guy has a radical hawk."
by xyzkailah May 24, 2008
(v.) Coming from behind in a foot race to beat your opponent
Dude 1: he's catching up to him!
Dude 2: yea, he hawked him
by trackro March 30, 2010

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