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to be overtaken or surpassed
My youtube video just hawked yours in views.

During the race that guy hawked you for the win.
by Noodle7 January 12, 2009
24 10
Verb: to be overtaken by someone with greater speed than you in a very swift and quick fashion.
John gets hawked by 5th graders on the reg.
by Lolcatz Incorporated September 13, 2011
7 6
When playing Call of Duty, you kill an enemy by hitting him with a stun grenade, rendering him as useful on the battlefield as Stephen Hawking.
John: Dude, I just killed that guy by hitting him with a stun grenade.

Henry: He just got Hawked!
by walrus 789 June 06, 2010
8 12
to get hawked is to smoke weed.

to be hawked is to be extremely high.

if you are smoking with more than one person then "the hawk" is a term used to describe the highest person in the group.
"dude lets get hawked tonight!"

"bailey can't stop laughing, she's the hawk of the group."
by yoursweetestdownfall March 03, 2009
7 12
to be watched.
feeling as if someone is watching you
the act of being owned on any of the tony hawk pro skater games
see also hawk, hawking
i totally hawked him while playing tony hawks underground (T.H.U.G.)

dude, im feeling hawked. is anyone watching me?
by michael david lamb December 03, 2006
5 11