To unleas punishment on a toilet bowl in the respect of a large crap or turd..
I was sweating bullets before I hawked in that port-o-potty at the museum of science and industry..
by DM3 June 12, 2003
a lonely human that is usually isolated from society often refers to gingers, people with acne or generally depressed people.

"Man: jesus man you look worst than hawk"

"your like hawk the dork"

by Declan Parry February 07, 2009
a person who strongly supports war
Although the Senator was a hawk. He publicly called for the withdrawl of the U.S. soldiers from Iraq
by Light Joker February 06, 2006
A girl or boy that loves to drive around for fun,
"Hey I seen you hawking around the mall last night"

by BENZ31313 July 02, 2009
Sylvester Stallone as Lincoln Hawk in "Over The Top" (1987) movie. In this film all around name him a Hawk.
Are you Hawk? Let's go.
by DENnv April 24, 2007
A gun, usually a desert eagle. Packs a punch with the .50 caliber.
Yo that nigga lost his face to a hawk.
by Poor ol' bastard July 03, 2005
to steal or "borrow" something
Man i've got to go hawk some rubbers from my brother so I can fuck this bitch.
by Doyle November 14, 2003

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