The word "hawk" is only word in the English language that is never capitalized. A hawk is an individual incapable of mercy. One who rejoices upon hearing of another persons sorrow. But more than not, the hawk is most often the one who caused such sorrows to occur.

A hawk thrives on victimizing at random. Those who have been victimized state things such as, "Attacking me is going to go down in history as the worst decision of your life!" or an attempt at reverse psychology, such as, "haha that was funny. Keep attacking me.", or a response from a true coward, "please leave me alone. I did nothing wrong."

Unbeknownst to the above victims, they have already lost the war. There is no defense against a hawk. There is no way to win against a hawk. For that matter, there is no way to defeat a hawk, or make a hawk surrender.

As all victims soon learn, a hawk does as a hawk pleases; the souls of the earth tremble at the sight of a hawk.

Though a hawk is usually a nomad, a hawk is rarely found in packs. When such circumstances occur, victims are often terrorized for an extended period or until submission. A group of hawks may circle a victims carcass for weeks, like sharks in a frenzy. The usual outcome is for the victim to submit fully, by trying to find out how to become a hawk. A victim who tries to become a hawk, is called a fawk, but are also called a flamingo.
That hawk just made our leader lick his boots.

I sure am glad I haven't run into a hawk.

The only hawk I ever knew way a bully.
by Buffalo Bill Hawk January 31, 2015
To jock and/or replicate someone and to be up all in one's grill
Anthony was listening to the same music Brett was and he was singing it in his face. Brett should say:

"Yo' Antney, why you hawking ma life fo?"
by FYBO October 12, 2009
To sell, to peddle. Usually involves shouting, competing with other hawkers.
"What're you going to do with that old TV?"
"Probably hawk it."
by AquilaCaelestis March 23, 2009
Any of the numerous diurnal birds of prey belonging to a suborder (Falcones of the order of Falconiformes) and including all the smaller members of this group. Often referred to as "Raptors".
a Red-Tailed hawk
by hawk May 29, 2003
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