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To vomit, especially cats.
My cat Max hawked a fur ball.
by tg1120 October 10, 2006
a boy who constantly watches whatever you do.(watches you like a hawk) He has a crush on you, but most likely did something stupid to mess it up, maybe forever, maybe not.
"what is his deal?"
"oh, he's a hawk"
"oh yeah, he like likes you, but is being all stalker"
Slang used in Cork, Ireland for a homosexual
Jas Boy, that lad is some hawk
by Steve the hawk January 12, 2006
To hawk; to search for something or to be on the look out for something.
Me show for the Bone when I grab that chrome, gonna hawk ya down.
by SHOH February 26, 2005
an embry riddle pilot who is especially arrogent and flies into mountains.
"my name is hawk, i am a pilot and i flew into a mountain and survived"
by psedonym February 25, 2005
a.To wilfully acquire an item, usually beer whilst drunk.
"I hawked a beer from the party and then pissed on his flowers"
by Ed A October 06, 2004
A mohawk.
"That guy from Rancid had one of the coolest 'hawks I'd ever seen."
by Haushinka November 24, 2003