To outrun competitors in a race. Whether its all fun and games or at a track meet.
Damn!!! Victor got hawked by #33 with the quickness!!!!
by Samuel Nieves February 16, 2008
In parts of southeast Michigan, hawk is a person who is a show-off, stares alot.
man look at that guy in the benz..what a hawk.

I'm not going to that party..too many hawks.
by Dearborn1 January 05, 2005
a teenage girl who is known for her angry, selfish, stuck up and snobbish ways and is generally disliked by the entire school community.
Ally is being such a hawk
by hawkhata July 28, 2006
someone who is pro war.
James is a hawk and is joining the army next month.
by Dickie C June 17, 2005
The eternal shadow of moonlighters. known for is everyday attempts to out perform a moonlighter but comes up short. jealous toward the ever achieving group, hawks will slander the group anytime possible.
I try so hard, but i think im just a victim of the hawks.
by tokio krisis March 30, 2009
Meaning to sell something. Semantically implying devious actions involved in the transaction. Often something stolen can be referred to as being hawked. The important thing to remember is it is being stolen to sell on.

A northern English word regularly used in Durham, North Yorkshire and as far north as Tyneside.
'Dude whez mi car?'
'Appen sum charvers hawked it'

From a Geordie folk song... called Cushie Butterfield
'well her name's Cushie Butterfeld and she hawks yella clay'
by NorthYorkshireWordWatch May 28, 2009
A middle eastern guy usually found in dearborn michigan and chicago IL. ends all of his sentences with either bro brah cuz or habibi. works out on a daily basis, wears alot of gel cologne vnecks opend up button ups pretty much anything that shows his chest, drives a sports car (mostly bmw or mercedes) with 20 inch rims with the music blasting.. pretty much an arab guido..hawks are to arabs as douchebag is to white boys guido is to itlians etc etc.
Moe is starting to look alot like a hawk now adays.

hawking is a lifestyle bro.

Wallah Rami your lookn like a fresh hawk brah.
by bicepbrah August 08, 2011

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