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leave from where u at
when the poleece come on the block, it's time to be up
by J Bird August 06, 2005
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1.) Additive exclamation to indicate sarcasm has occurred. (Pronounced bip, with a short "i", often dragged out with up down pitch to indicate the degree of sarcasm)
Used as a sarcasm alarm for those who are clueless when sarcasm is being used. Often accompanied by a hand being slowly raised during the execution of the beup as a visual aid to further help the clueless person identify the sarcasm.

2.) Used to indicate that someone has said something that is random or makes no sense.
You: Why are you carrying that wrench?
Me: My doctor told me that holding large metal hand tools has excellent anti-oxidant properties. (raising hand) Beup. (biiiiiiiiiiiiip)

Student taking calculus test: (looking at test, raises hand)
Teacher: Yes?
Student taking calculus test: (still looking at test) Have you ever seen Gilligan's Island on TV?
Teacher: Beup. (biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip)
by Pipistrello January 05, 2006

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