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A noun used to describe cold weather with a biting wind. Used to describe the bitter cold as if it were an animate object.
1. Man, the hawk is out today.
2. Don't go outside, the hawk is waiting for you.
3. I know the hawk is around the corner, but I'm goin' for the car.
4. The hawk snuck up on us while we were walkin' home.
by aarizonaguy April 26, 2008
To get your way by intimidating another person or several persons.
Attempting to get your way by bluffing or intimidating.
(Cutting in line) "Hey, did you see that dude Bogart his way into the line?"
or "He came in and tried to Bogart me out of my smokes."
or "He thinks he can Bogart his way around."
by aarizonaguy April 25, 2008

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