A really fucking annoying hipster version of the pound sign (#)
Originated from twitter but is everywhere. Hipsters say it out loud.
Hipster: "just got new tampons! 'Hashtag' awesome!
Everyone else: shut the fuck up its called a 'pound'
by Ledelman November 09, 2013
Hashtag-Noun. Spawned from the ever powerful Twitter Machine, this symbol (#) has become a new way to add a thought, or some up the thought of, a sentence, giving it more clarity, and often, more wit. Most commonly found in tweets, FB status, and comments (in that order)
"Just eat an entire sleeve of oreos cookies in 8 mins #highlife"

"Wegmans didnt have MY kind of Organic Milk, so i had to by that silk shit instead #whitegirlproblems"

"Going car shopping today because my last car caught on FIRE #nbd

by KennyPowell July 18, 2011
when a group of people play tag after using copious amounts of pot.
Billy and his friends ate a bunch of hash brownies, then went out in the yard and played hash tag.
by gaburearu September 27, 2013
A hashtag is a stupid thing people put in front of random words for no reason. It is just the pound sign you can find it on social networks like Facebook or Twitter. It is just another 21st century made up thing.
A hashtag is,
by Hanna Forman July 05, 2013
Overused word used by hipsters to add tags to everything they do.
Guy: Hey, sup?
Crush: OMG. Hashtag chillin'. Hashtag Friday. Hashtag Shopping. Hash-
Guy: O.K. I' done here.
by French Swan April 07, 2015
Represented by the number sign, #. At one time, it was used for the designation of numbers. It is now widely used across social networks as the international bat signal for white women.
OMG look at these new shoes! #CutestThingEver #LetsCelebrateByVomitting #ICantEven #Hashtag #Hashtagception
by RaggedCoyote May 20, 2014
Hashtags flag a topic.
Every article explaining hashtags is like a million pages long and P.S. people–using the word “metadata” to explain them is like, thank you for nothing.

by BrainTrustBabe August 01, 2014
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