a link usually on social networking sites used to create a tag or a link on a word
P1:OMG did you see her face??
P2:yeah she was like "hashtag"GodILookHorrible
by YOLOBILTBT February 11, 2014
Relate-able experience, following the status quo, something that many people do and would tweet about if they had the means to at the time
Today was so hashtag.
by Thathoodratshi August 28, 2013
A scent that the Tag Fragrance Company(A division of Proctor & Gamble) attempted to market to the "stoners" or "potheads" in the western part of the United States and Southwest Canada. The market research focus groups took place in three cities, Seattle, San Francisco, and British Columbia. It seemed to be going well during the initial phases of the tests. Everybody loved how it smelled "earthy and sweet" at first, but did not like however, that after a few minutes, there was a "noticeable, underlying funk that just wouldn't wash off or go away."(Much like the members of these groups and the couches that they happened to be staying on at the time. Respectively.) They did try to overcome that hurdle by adding patchouli oil to the concoction, but found it only temporarily masked the stench. The Tag Fragrance Company and Proctor & Gamble, at the advisement of their corporate lawyers, ultimately decided against the release of Hashtag when the test subjects were caught deliberately concentrating, then inhaling the contents of the spray cans out of giant balloons in an effort to "catch a free buzz".
"Uh, dude..... If they sell hashtag at the co-op or natural market you go to, let me know and... uh, what was i saying bro? Oh yea...uh.... let me know if they will trade for like, these hummus burritos I got, or these hacky sacks my friend Rainbow made out hemp seeds and old dreadlocks. Hey dude wanna get a hack circle goin? Wait... oh yea, if they have it, just let me know so I can go steal some.
by E-tabb May 22, 2013
Derived from the use of the symbol followed by a nominated subject on Twitter.com (#<subject>) but has evolved to be an exclamation denoting an occurence, statement, or conversation has iconic status or a meta-meaning
A: He was still holding the dripping knife and meatcleaver while he addressed the camera-phones
B: Hashtag

A: That was a great set the band played
B: Hashtag
by ohnonotanotherid June 05, 2013
Its a tag used to talk about an especif subject on twitter.
Once all the users use it, it gets a lot easier to search subjects at the http://search.twitter.com/
#bailout I cant believe they're refusing the deal.

In this case, the hashtag is #bailout.
by danielemarques September 29, 2008
The game played by crack babies when they grow up to become old enough to leave the house (usually around 3 years old.)
Let's go play hashtag over by the poppies.
by GoingLikeSixty May 15, 2009
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