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A guy that arrives just in time to get free food and then make a mess all over your house while telling you his latest terrible joke.
After Karate Derrick came over and Proctored all over my house. It took hours to clean up that mess.
by The Proctologister November 12, 2010
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Many Proctor offsprings have genes different to that of the parent, differing in skin colour. Proctors are usually an outgoing bunch and enjoy the easy life, some might say they are lazy. Food is their main companion and some could even say that a Proctor is indeed, a dumbass.
Teacher: What day is it today Proctor?
Proctor: 12am.
by Jizzabella May 20, 2008
A person who ruins a joke by explaining why each detail of it is funny.
Thanks for clarifying that the skeleton who walked into a bar asked for a beer and a mop so he could clean up the beer after he tried to drink it, proctor!
by kevowen January 27, 2006
When an individual or several people engage in behaviour likened unto ADD or downsyndrome.
Omg he thinks that cheese curing is cool... such a proctor
by spasmodamorphism May 03, 2006
when someone ruins your night by trying to rap in front of everybody, then fails miserably
"shit man, dont do a proctor onstage infront of all those people!"
by KSGNENWHOGNGO September 02, 2009
verb. A form of movement. There are several variations, some similar to skipping or dancing, others more like front crawl.
It can also be used to describe general hanging around, similar to mooch.
"What did you and your friends get up to on Saturday?"

"We were just proctoring around town."
by jimmy corkhill June 18, 2005
To starve ones troops in the game of Evony. To not let anyone know you are almost out of food. To miscalculate your food intake for Troops
Man, I proctored my troops again, oh...... I didn't notice how much food they were taking in. FML
by Lord Diamond December 07, 2009

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