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1. Of or resembling earth or soil

2. Natural, unartificial, unpretentious

4. Down to earth, no-nonsense, practical, pragmatic, sensible
1. The earthy smell of freshly-turned topsoil brought back memories from my childhood on the farm.

2. The earthy rural town and the forest behind it were refreshing after life in the city.

3. The Nuer of Sudan are very earthy regarding infertile women; the barren woman in question becomes recognized as a man and an heir to her father's line, is married to a woman, and a sperm donor contributes his share, with the barren woman recognized as the father of the children.
by Lorelili February 13, 2011
Someone way into protecting the environment, eating granola, free range chicken and living in a co-op. Basically a hippie without the dreadlocks, pot smoking and Bob Markley crap
My earthy sister lit some insense as she filled out her application to the Yale school of forestry
by Veggiewrap March 01, 2004
smelly, stinky, grimy, or dirty. commonly referenced to an individual's personal hygiene.
I need to take a shower, I'm smelling kinda earthy!
by hardhitr3 June 28, 2009
The most amazing mofo ever to browse the web, he cracks porn, nukes sites, hacks noobs, and owns the fuck out of anyone to tries to stop him.
"don't hack me earthy! I didn't mean to disobey you" - some noob
by earthy January 19, 2005

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