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approx. 1.75 grams.
"can you do us a teenth of that?"
"nah mate. get a job."
"got any soap?"
by Breadless August 16, 2003
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Short for sixteenth. 1/16 of an ounce of marijuana, about 1.75 grams. Usually only chronic is sold in this size.
Greedy Gangster: Wheres all THAT Bud at homes ?? !!

Bud Buying Gangster: I smoked dat sheeeeiit man, all i had left was a teenth of dat fuckin schwag which i stole from mah moms!
by Jesse Bravo February 02, 2006
A teenth is 1/16 of an ounce its usually used to weight cannabis.
Stoner 1:Dude we gonna score a teenth tonight?

Stoner 2:Hell yea i found some money in my room.
by Stoner 2 October 06, 2006
A sixteenth of hash.
I've smoked it all mate, all I have left is a teenth.
by Clarissa November 27, 2003

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