1) (v) to attract, through social media, attention to political issues so important to you that you are ready to go on a crusade in order to defend said issues.

2) (n): something that, prior to the advent of the social media phenomenon, was known as a 'pound key') on your phone.
I am going to hashtag ''Mitt Romney for president'', and no i won't press the hashtag-pound key- on my phone, because it doesn't serve any purpose.
by sexydimma October 11, 2014
The number symbol that people keep putting in front of phrases, like when they are going to do something.
Thank you twitter for starting something stupid like hashtag...
#number is really "number number"

#inmyshoe is really "number in my shoe"
#a is really "number a"
by HammedZippy January 23, 2016
A symbol used excessively on social media platforms. In recent months, hashtags have been verbally used. If you speak in hashtags, you are a hashtagee. Spread the word: STOP USING VERBAL HASHTAGS
Joe: Yo look at that dude over there! He lifts 500!
Bob: Hashtag (#) Lifegoals
Joe: Wow you've gone that low.
by Noone Importantatall June 16, 2015
A tagging system instagram and twitter use to make one's posts. Usually the hashtag has nothing to do with the pictures.
#nofilter #totallylegit #minecraft #selfie #nohomo #hashtag... (5500 other items hidden. Tap to view.)
by Darude- Sandstorm March 12, 2015
When hash smokers get a quote on the price of the amount of hash they're buying from the dealer. it is written on a little tag, much like a price tag and is found at the pickup spot.
yo man I get the hashtag lastnight behind the BigD. this mofo is asking 200 big ones for a teenth
by Swaggdady March 04, 2013
used in mainly tumblr, twitter or instagram
person: omg look at my picture, hashtag awesome swag #awesome #swag
by iloveselselselena November 10, 2013
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