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to frequent a night spot for the sole purpose of meeting and engaging obese prospects for sex.
We're going to The Ritz to harpoon a fresh catch. Wanna come?
by Jaytex March 11, 2003
5 11
Feminine hygiene product.
My girl is at the store getting some harpoons, so I asked her to pick up some beer.
by Hogger63 January 23, 2009
1 8
While getting head give the unsuspecting woman a swift flat-palmed smack to the back of the head.
that gag sound after I harpooned the drunk chick was priceless.
by mysterypaul June 25, 2007
5 15
poon. 1. Verb. a person that sticks poons and gets up close and personal to get pussy because pussy smells like fish.
2. Noun. penis, the actual object used to stick the poons
tyler- hey i harpooned some pussy last night
lee b.- yeah my harpoon is 10 inches long and i harpooned somebody in an elevator with it
(entire 9th grade)- lee shet the hell up your a dumbass
by episcopal pimp January 31, 2005
4 14
The act of punching a hole in ones pocket to allow frequent masturbation in public places.
"That guys tim, I heard he harpooned his pockets"
"Yeah I thought he was a tosser"
by Serious Sam June 26, 2004
10 20
When you have sex with a girl.
I harpooned sabrina the other day.
by Sarmen Sinanian March 23, 2006
12 25
A currency of around one hundred dollars (give or take a few dollars) since few people ever carry an exact amount of change in their pockets at all times.
"How many harpoons you got on you?"


"I'd do it for a couple of harpoons"
by Xavier Salazar July 01, 2006
1 16