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The battle cry called out to alert members of ones team that a shoulder launched rocket is going to be fired. In reference to the Rocket Propelled Grednade (RPG) looking like a whaling tool on some online applications.

Nick: "Harpoon!!!!"
Matt: "Oh thank god you said that or it would have hit me!!!"
by Bitter Bacon March 26, 2008
What you man when whales (land and sea) approach.
ZOMG look at that bitch waddling over to us! Where are teh harpoons, man them!
by StrizzMatik February 17, 2010
A belly button ring on a fat girl also known as a harpoon
Joe: Yo did you see that fat girl with a belly button piercing it was nasty!

Bob: That wasn't a belly button piercing that was a harpoon.

Joe: No wonder whaling is illegal.
by Carabao July 05, 2010
During sex when ur jizzing on a girls face u poke her in the eye with ur penis.
Last night i gave madison a harpoon shes alright though
by Harrtmonkey111 May 01, 2011
Many overweight people.
Oh noez!11!!!1! The Harpoons!
by xbadwolfx August 11, 2008
Harpoon: Discreet Codename for an extremely Fat ugly Woman.
T: Look at that Fat Ass.
J: That Harpoon is soo fat it would take a Harpoon to kill that whale.
by TROD July 18, 2005
The extreme version of getting pooned.

Verb: Harpooned
Tom: I created MySpace.

Dude: Dude, your a harpoon.


Jimmy: I was all up in a fight yesterday.

Dude: I bet you got harpooned.

Jimmy: Na, he got harpooned as I broke his eye-socket with my tazer of doom which I acquired from eBay in the western sector. Holla.
by Deuce Click Street Mobbin November 25, 2008