Top Definition
To have sexual intercourse.
Hey babe wanna catch a stabbin
you up for a stabbin
oooo imma stab you good
by Revenynt March 12, 2010
beatin the poon up
Ryan: what were you doin last night?
Blain: I was stabbin Beth all night bro
by ryan cola August 16, 2006
To be drivin extremely fast... basically speeding.

to be doin an excess of 20 or even 30 more mph than the speed limit....
Damnnnn cuz that nigga is stabbin right there in that rice rocket

"Speedometer says a hundred, im takin it there" - Keak Da Sneak

"We dont stop for police, we haul ass" - Turf Talk
by Jae Jammer April 26, 2007

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