Gucci is a place where women buy accessories for themselves. Usually niggas shop there for their big booty hoes then reward the nigga with a form of sexual activity. After the next day of meeting each other, the nigga leaves the hoe and she later finds out that she is pregnant. When her baby/babies(she could have twins) comes of age, they ask the hoe mother where their daddy is(most of their friends have daddys). Their mother says she doesn't remember. So her baby/babies are bastard(s) and the stereotype of black children not knowing who their father is, is approved.
Most big booty hoes go to Gucci.
by MasterKush906 May 26, 2013
it means whats up and vagina
Erik:whats gucci
Brian: nothing much

Erik: i don't have a gucci
by oovoo 9:12 April 07, 2011

when you scratch your gooch and then slap someone and yell GUCCI! at the same time in gucci mane's voice

me: yo come here
you: kay
me: *SLAP* GUCCI!!!!!!


he totally got gucci'd
by idonthaveaname666 February 10, 2011
A word describing kush/very good weed, almost like saying "good-tree"
Joe: yo bro i just got some gucci from my dealer, wanna bun?
Bob: yeah i'm down, we haven't had any gucci down here in a while
by Bomb tingz May 19, 2010
a world faggots use to describe something that is cool and/or nice. some people use it to describe a object that they like and want to have/buy. they guys that use this typically wear white sunglasses and are hockey boys. Along with this word typically comes the word "BURR" which has no known meaning.
Guy 1: "Yo, check this hat"
Guy 2: "Man that's so GUCCI"

Guy 1: thinks(faggot) "uh alright"
by soccerlovah August 19, 2011
A word that black kids like to yell out loud and obnoxiously at my technical campus for no reason at all, just randomly and a bunch of times every day.
Me: Alright, let's get this marketing research project done.
Friend: Okay, I'll start on that Powerpoint presentation.
Me: Great, thank you.
Black kid: GUCCI!
Me: ...
by Metal6661 February 10, 2011
a word to describe something extremely cool or popular
"Dude, Johns new car is so gucci"
by ktynabow April 08, 2009
1.A huge turd of the greenish/brown variety(think beef and broccoli timbs).

2.To jizz,skeet,cum(etc) on the opposite sex face or breast.
"Damn i just dropped a 5 pound Gucci"

"I have to take a meaaaaan Gucci,where's your bathroom"

"Yo i Guccied all over ya sister's face"

"She took the Gucci all in her mouth,don't kiss her".
by mt fuji May 18, 2009

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