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The word that won Kevin the election for school Vice President at Wakefield High School.
Kevin on election video-"Wakefield, we have a world to win." **crumbles up paper and throws back arms** "GUCCI!!!"
by southarlingtoncracker July 01, 2009
used when something good happens
person 1: I just made some flame ass brownies for you.
person 2: gucci!
by etownsfinest February 03, 2008
to hit a female as if she were a man...
(comes from the incident when Atlanta-based rapper Gucci mane hit a woman in the face after she threw a glass at him...after he pushed the hell out of her...after she wouldn't move out his way...)
You hear about Chris Brown? He guccied Rihanna!
by ILL from the I March 01, 2009
Crystal-meth:This word was started in Austin texas as code word for ice.It caught on quik after members of the Asian community co-signed on it . EX: this is some goo sheet (good shit)say it again and you got gucci.Gucci is a designer name so it was considered an upgrade for dope fiends that graduated too ice from crack(coke)
Let me get 2 zones of that gucci and 1 kill.
That gucci a mf it pays 3x more than dat hard
You seen gooch?
by jdeedas July 08, 2006
a state of mind or feeling.
shit man i ain't straight I'm gucci!
by tsnowman121 April 23, 2008
1)a designer clothing company.
2)a term often used to describe extravagant and worthless pretentious crap.
That's so gucci.
Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.
by mute April 08, 2005
An alternate term for the woman's vagina. Often used in southern Ontario, by the lower-class women.
Touch my gucci please!

Oh baby i wanna tap that gucci shit.
by Elizabeth Mae May 16, 2007