Term used by fangirls to compliment someone who they think is cool/fun/amazing. It is most popular on twitter and it is mostly used by One Direction fans.
"Wow girl can we be friends I love your account. Stay Gucci."
by whatthepayne September 01, 2013
stomach, as in Gucci Mane's large stomach
Ben: How's your gucci doin man?

Eddy: My gucci is hungry, it's time to feed him
by blingblowburr February 14, 2011
epic, awesome, fucking sweet.
Micheal is Gucci Tyler is Gucci. Tia Is Gucci
by bigdaddytrickk December 22, 2010
whats gucci?(whats good,how u .etc
by choc bar September 16, 2010
somebody that thinks they're better than everybody else.
oh my god i wish i was'nt so gucci
by guccio guccio May 28, 2010
A fashion comany started by Guccio Gucci in the late 1800s in Italy. It is now an international fashion company and is the benchmark for high-end designer clothes. They are the makers of many lines including fragrance, jewelry, and watches. Recently, because gucci clothing is of such high quality a bunch of ghetto idiots decided to make a term out of this prestigious name meaning cool or flashy.
Proper way: That gucci coat is blingin!!!

Ghetto (improper) way: Yo that caddy is strait up gucci!
by Chrisvrulez July 16, 2011
A high quality piece of clothing or jewlery, such as a time piece.
My Gucci sez it be nine o' clock.
by jt November 21, 2002

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