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A minor current event or frivolous argument that is given publicity by both the media and the public without merit, during which vital issues get ignored.

Famous non-issues are:
- Controversy over an overtly religious film directed by a pompous Hollywood actor.
- The inclusion of the words "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance
- Gay marriage/civil unions
Claim that Spongebob SquarePants is furthering a homosexual agenda a is a non-issue and should not be given any further publicity.
by D10 February 02, 2005
used as a reassuring term that the issue at hand is definitely not worth sweating. Often used sarcastically to mean that the issue at hand is, in fact, worth sweating yet someone/something is not giving the issue enough importance.
Literal Use:
John: I have a test in Sociology today.
Sally: Are you worried?
John: Nah, I've been making straight 100s; this test is a nonissue.

Sarcastic Use:
John: I have a test in Sociology.
Sally: Are you worried?
John: I mean, only my entire GPA, degree conferral, and future success hinge on this very exam. It's a nonissue.
by ohsosara December 19, 2011

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