An alternate term for the woman's vagina. Often used in southern Ontario, by the lower-class women.
Touch my gucci please!

Oh baby i wanna tap that gucci shit.
by Elizabeth Mae May 16, 2007
An expensive P.O.S. that people buy to feel they have money
look at that fool trying to be a playa in his wanna be azz gucci
by E December 30, 2002
A BRAND THAT RICH NEEGA LIKE me wear cause we got money- 500 dollar pair of gucci shoes neega im ballin
damn check out my gucci shoes you cant afford em can ya
by jd February 22, 2005
a slang term for the drug cocaine.
The Gucci's in the carriage!
by who June 07, 2004
a highly priced clothing
worthless piece of shit
by latovia January 23, 2003
Worthless ass clothing that people save up and spend their retirement savings on like retards in a poor attempt to get some ass by the opposite sex even though I can get more ass with a suit I bought at Goodwill for 10 bucks.
Man, fuck Gucci!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by A. A. Ron April 06, 2005
1. A very expensive brand.
2. synonym for cool
1) "....I bought that shirt at Gucci."
2) BOY 1: "Look at this new anime poster I got!"

BOY 2: "That is so gucci!!"
by Zalfieboo December 31, 2014

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