female genitals, pussy.
Denise van Outen on arrival in the Caribbean. "hey Jamaica, check out my growler!"
by lovecraft69 April 22, 2009
A half-gallon (64 ounce) jug sold by small breweries and brewpubs for take-out purposes. Typically adorned with the label of the brewery/establishment it came from. Most breweries/brewpubs will only refill their own growlers. Not to be confused with it's little cousin the 32-ounce howler.
Man I got this growler from the pub last night, it's already flat.
by jimbobJamison July 08, 2013
Colloquial North West of England term for a pork pie. The main ingredient of a Wigan Wedge.
You've got bad wind today, Harry.

Yep....that was the week-old growler I had for lunch.
by retrotecchie February 01, 2011
Dudes who make inappropriately loud grunting noises when they cum.
It wouldn't be so bad hearing the neighbors bone if the chick wasn't so fat and ugly and the dude wasn't a fucking growler.
by tcJohnnyBoner September 15, 2010
1. a half-gallon glass bottle made to carry draft beer

2. a toilet

3. a small iceberg
A growler is not ideal for preserving beer.
by The Return of Light Joker July 07, 2010
A blowjob from a cougar. The growler is usually rough and pleasing. It's generally a safe bet the catnip will be back to please the cougar for a second tryst.
Fuck Yeah! Cougar gave me a growler and then let me put it in her ass.
by beerdork June 16, 2010
female genetalia
show us yer growler
by vjfirebaby April 20, 2010

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