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a fine ho who likes giving head and isnt content till all erections are limp and satisified, at the first sight of a hard on she will growl and aggresively approach and attack to satisify her instinctive hunger. like an animal in the wild that needs to eat to survive she feeds on cock and loves the thrill of the hunt,growling at the sight of any erection, inviting confrentation,ready for attack.
that growler was giving blowjobs all night long, she wasnt going out till everyone busted a nut and she was still lookikng for more like it was her first one of the night.
4 8
A large glass (bigger than a pint), of beer.
Brooke is already drunk, does she really need another "growler"?
by Gary December 15, 2003
53 57
Unkempt, oversized, agressive. Origins could be part new zeland and part dutch.
Gosh old boy watch that growler pike a wardrobe off the street not seen her move like that since the Ikea sale.
by christian bennett February 11, 2005
49 54
The new word for homo (homosexual/gay)
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"We have been told at work that it is politically incorrect to call people homos, so the new word is growler"
by Ken Leee October 28, 2008
1 11
Passing gas as one defecates usually sounding like an animal growl.
Pardon me dear, I need to take a growler.
by hughmonger November 03, 2003
70 114
A public lavatory, especially one in an unsophicated area.
"Where's your growler?" (As used in Russ Meyer film, 1969 by Charles Napier, actor of sorts, enquiring for the lavvy at a petrol station - or gas if you prefer).
by Edna Sweetlove September 24, 2006
67 113
When you push your package (genitals) between your legs and then moon someone
I thought he was going to moon me, but instead he gave me a growler.
by Shaun January 20, 2005
40 90