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3 definitions by drewbocop

A U.S. half-gallon jug, normally glass, that is used to transport draft beer in the United States. Usually used in means of selling "take-out" beer and sold at breweries.

Growlers are also sometimes used by homebrewers as an alternative to kegs.
"I finally just picked up my growler of Pliny The Younger, mmm mmm!"
by drewbocop February 22, 2009
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A relationship in which one of the included members is in the 'whipped' status, normally the male figure. The infected member is inclined to always take part in agreeing with the other member, no matter how horrid or unbecoming the situation. Normally results in an ownage or rip by regular friends or acquaintances.
"Dude, Matt is so relationwhipped by his girl Jessi. She said she wanted to go to a party that consisted of only her fat girlfriends and dudes he hates and he said 'Yeah babe, I'd love that!' Really, man?"
by drewbocop October 19, 2009
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Usually part of the acronym pertaining to a community college, or "junior college." These types of colleges are without residential facilities and are often funded by the government.

These types of schools are much more affordable than major universities and can be used, in most occasions, to get into a major university after two years without taking the ACT or SAT, among other reasons. They also usually offer only Associate's Degree programs unless planning to transfer.

Many people think of them as colleges for the dumb or poor, and are often called "NAME High" by the ignorant who don't deserve to go to U of M for being able to throw a football. No offense to football.
Terrance: "Hey man, did you get into Michigan too?"

Billy: "Nah, I have to go to the crappy CC here because I didn't get my scholarship and my dad got laid off. This IS Michigan after all."

Terrance: "Oh. Too bad your parents aren't rich like mine!"

Billy: "Yeah, go fuck yourself, Terry."
by drewbocop December 08, 2009
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