When you push your package (genitals) between your legs and then moon someone
I thought he was going to moon me, but instead he gave me a growler.
by Shaun January 20, 2005
Term for a piss clump in a cat's litterbox.
The stupid cat lit up the litter box again and I had to clean out 4 days worth of Growler. Dammit cat!
by the prophet March 27, 2003
The act of defecation involving prolonged shouting of obscenities during and usually after the act. Always involes a white knuckle grip on some near by object. Then a lengthy discusion about it to the next three people you see.
Whew buddy hows it going, I'm sweating so bad from the 12 inch growler.
by gotone December 09, 2003
A long, fat, and chunky line of cocaine usually designated for use when one will not be able to take a smaller bump for some time.
We've got a long ride ahead of us. Let's snort a growler before we go.


We were snorting growlers all night. I didn't get a wink of sleep.
by Stinky Nutz May 28, 2008
aka, poop. Can be of any size, shape or form as long as it's not loose or soupy like diarrhea, cha cha cha, diarrhea.
aka, a Boston Red Sox fan
Hand me the ass wipe as I've got a growler on deck the size of Fenway.
by Seatthell February 14, 2006
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