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Heavily hairy minge. From Avid Merrion's portrayal of Lorraine Kelly in Channel 4's Bo' Selecta.
- Can you see me growler?

- So did she have a real growler?
by selmabouvier December 18, 2003
clitoris - it's telling me "Definition is too short" but that's all there is
just try it and see
by selmabouvier December 18, 2003
Fucking someone because you feel deeply sorry for them. Meaning has also extended to include fucking because you feel sorry for yourself. Could be the perfect present for someone trekking the Sahara.
- So you mercyfucked Jody?
- Yeah, she's a munter and I had to have the lights out but she was so damn grateful, it was kinda cute.
by selmabouvier December 18, 2003
A friend who's shit at keeping in touch - they appear and disappear at will/random.
- So have you seen Alan recently?
- No, no one has.
- He some kind of illusionist or something?
- Guess so.
by selmabouvier December 18, 2003
in the midst of a really big sexual drought. tearing the labels off items everywhere. no sign of sex anywhere. definitely not on the friendship horizon, or anywhere else.
- Jeez, you're shaking.
- I know, I know.
- Jim Beam Hand?
- God no. Trekking the Sahara. Three months.
- Good Lord! I'll mercyfuck you if I have to!
by selmabouvier December 18, 2003
a cruel cruel sport involving pitting two babies against each other in a boxing ring while spectators yell, eat and place bets. constantly.

the babies fight to the death.
- Hey sugar, got two tickets to the big baby boxing game tonight - fancy it?
- You betcha!!
by selmabouvier December 18, 2003
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