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A tactical ploy carried out in emergency situations when a team is narrowly losing. Occurs when Gridlock is summoned to the field to undertake a special play and win the match. Usually occurs with only seconds remaining.
Player: "Coach, there are only 5 seconds left and we are down by a goal."

Coach: "Get Gridlock out there, he will kick it from fifty."
by enthusiast July 21, 2009
When a person is incapable of removing themselves from the grid due to an attachment to their phone, computer, or job either by choice, addiction, or priorities.
I wanted to go camping this weekend, but I'm totally gridlocked.
by Double-O-Ben October 21, 2013
A checkerboard grid of tiny cornrows or dreadlocks tightly braided as a women's hairstyle. Usually African-American.
Lashonda got her hair done in gridlocks after her gel manicure.
by webdebnyc February 19, 2012
1. A complete lack of movement or progress resulting in a backup or stagnation: “the political gridlock that prevented... the President and Congress from moving expeditiously to cut the budget” (Robert D. Hormats).

2. A malaprop coined by a particularly inbred country yokel whom is currently leading a startup software company.
"Bitch, go home and tend to your nappy-lookin gridlocks."
by HoFonix January 22, 2004
When two people are ass-to-ass simultaneously shitting into one another's assholes.
Dude, Mortimer, did you see Eleanor and Priscilla gridlocking last night? It was off the chain.
by shaquille f'real September 01, 2008
The feminized cock block (a.k.a. Blocking the Box). The origin of this term comes from city traffic signs ("Don't Block the Box") in order to alleviate rush hour traffic conditions where cars are stopped in the middle of an intersection. In these situations, blocking the box inevitably results in gridlock.
(a female):"I've just been gridlocked by that sexy dyke's friend."
by evan m. September 14, 2005
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