The act of raising ones testicles slightly up above the shaft of their penis, thus making your member resemble gonzo, the lovable muppet.
When presented with the fruitbowl by his naked friend in the locker room, Adam P. retorted by showing his hetro friend with the gonzo
by Papawood December 08, 2003
The act of removing your penis (and testicles, if you wish) and resting it/them on the face of a sleeping person so it looks like they have a long nose (the penis) that Gonzo from the Muppets had
That one guy passed out at the party and I gave him a gonzo.
by poo February 24, 2003
abbreviation/slang for gonorrhea
I had to end it with Tracy when I woke up with gonzo.
#gonorrhea #gonzo #std #clap #drip
by Gravy Spank August 21, 2009
An illegal immigrant from Mexico, South or Central America. Etymology: From the Latin name Gonzales or Gonzalo.
Gonzos sneak over the border, steal jobs from Americans, and don't pay taxes.
#gonzo #gonzalo #gonzales #illegal immigrant #mexican #south american #hispanic
by Lady Dick Gonzalo May 14, 2009
The gonzo is a sexual manuver which entails gouging out the eyes off ones lover, and stapeling them next to the penis of yourself, or someone else, to the left and right, just above the shaft. Hense representing the lovable features of popular muppet charictar: 'GONZO' This will no dought trigger the haughty chuckles of a more relaxed partner, or the promt arrest of said 'gonzooi' if your partner is, for some wild reason, repulsed by it.
'you've been gonzoed'

'some joker gonzoed me last night'

'i whacked out gonzo in a playground yesterday'

'yea bitch! gonzo me good!'
#gonzo #gonzoer #gonzooi #gonztastic #gonzanated #gonzoed #gonzoesque #gonzofide
by sneakybitch March 18, 2009
Golden syrup.

(from imitation of a mumbled pronunciation of "Golden Syrup")

Also adjective: "gonzoey".
Tea with gonzo? Yes, it's like putting sugar in it, except it tastes sort of... gonzoey.
#golden syrup #golden #syrup #sugar #honey
by A. Walker February 28, 2009


noun, adjective

1. A individual who is arrogant; pertly self-assertive; conceited, does not take criticism well, if not at all.

1. A cocky person.
A)Ex. My brother is sadly, a gonzo, he always thinks he is right.

B)Ex. The gonzo Olympic swimmer did not finish the race, as he was very arrogant, and would not take advice.
#gonzo #arrogant #stupid #moron #conceited
by RektalFunk January 28, 2009
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