The act of placing testicles over someones eyes and then placing tip of penis in the mouth. The act resembles the famous muppets character Gonzo.
"my girlfriend was asleep in the chair when I snuck up behind her and gave her the ole Gonzo, she was PISSED!"

*Note-MBH84 Came up with the physical act, name given by B77
by B77 September 20, 2012
when your penis has a mild hook shape to the left or right.
"my new boyfriend has a GONZO. It's not that attractive but it hits all the right spots!"
by fister queen October 24, 2011
A penis that, when erect, curves down resembling Gonzo's nose. Curves to the left, or right are also acceptable, if prefixed; ie: Left-gonzo; Right-gonzo.
"Look at the Gonzo on that dude...." I said.
"Yeah. What a Gonz." She replied.
by LONe1 January 10, 2010
An morbidly enlarged clitoris. Usually caused by steroids abuse or just plain dyke-ness.

Women with large Gonzoes will flaunt proudly, often slapping unsuspecting victims in the face, before engaging in fights to prove their superiority.
"Dude, the other night I was getting to bang this chick and found out she had a HUGE gonzo. Needless to say, I ended up with a sore butthole..."

Don't mess with the Gonzo. The Gonzo will destroy you.
by saponix January 06, 2010
being completely drunk or wasted.

the same as saying you're "gone" when intoxicated.
"That girl at the party last night was so gonzo, she puked all over the floor after doing her third keg stand."
by oL2009 April 17, 2009
When you beat off onto a girls chest with your balls resting on her eyes.
"I was bangin Camilla last night and she wasn't putting much effort into it so i gave her the Gonzo... waca waca"
by DoBeDe May 09, 2009
Big Tittastics Breasts on a chick
Holy shit, look at her gonzos.
by St. Poneyboy August 28, 2004

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