noun, adjective

1. A individual who is arrogant; pertly self-assertive; conceited, does not take criticism well, if not at all.

1. A cocky person.
A)Ex. My brother is sadly, a gonzo, he always thinks he is right.

B)Ex. The gonzo Olympic swimmer did not finish the race, as he was very arrogant, and would not take advice.
by RektalFunk January 28, 2009
one of the cutest muppets around!!
Gonzo has a big blue nose and he knows how to use it
by LINDAR June 02, 2006
Crazy, possible, messed up shit that there is no real word that can describe the situation or topic.
He is Gonzo trying to wrestle a bull.
by Jono villa Lex the rex January 15, 2006
someone or something that has either gone away or disappeared, usually unexpectedly.
Hey, boss is gonzo! Let's party!
by timmie June 24, 2005
Huge nosed mamal usually found with narcaleptic tendencies. Natural habitat: North Miami shopping malls and high school socials. Loves Jeefus.
see also Ant-Eater
by sharkattack February 10, 2005
According to (Bill) Cardoso, 'Gonzo' is South Boston Irish slang describing the last man standing after a drinking marathon (Wikipedia)
Ask 'gonzo' Bill, (from Boston ?)
by Paul Van Den Steene September 07, 2005
When your situation resembles gonzo's nose from the muppets.

Can be attributed heavy drug use, savage jungle bushs (inless your from the 70's) and or your just about anything that gets you going, but their is just somthing missing.

Cure: viagra, castration depends on if you a half full or half empty kinda guy...
So I was totally ready to go then she revealed her savage jungle bush and my junk went straight gonzo.

Shit, here bro pop these you'll be fucking fat bitches in no time
by His Dudeness the Duder February 06, 2007
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